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NONO Martingale Dog Collar

NONO Martingale Dog Collar

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This abstract blue colour will make your pup the envy of all their friends. Crafted with thick, durable threads and a comfort-adapted polypropylene webbing core, this African Print slip-on collar is perfect for Greyhounds, Italian Greyhounds, and Whippets.

Our slip-on African Print Martingale dog collar is perfect for the summer vibes by stylishly showing off your sighthound. Our bespoke handcrafted dog collars are carefully decorated with bright abstract patterns inside and outside, this adjustable dog collar provides a snug yet comfortable fit for slender neck dogs. 

Handcrafted to perfection with love and care!

About Martingale Collars

The Martingale collar is thoughtfully designed to softly tighten around your dog's neck, ensuring it remains secure and won't slip off the dog's head, especially during moments of pressure.

Originally favoured for greyhounds, whippets, and other sighthounds, its non-slip feature has garnered popularity among owners of various breeds.

The Martingale collar comprises a longer piece of material with a slider and two three tri-glides. A shorter piece of material is threaded through the tri-glides, creating a loop with a D-ring, aptly named the "Martingale loop."

When properly fitted while walking your dog on a lead, the collar will gently tighten to the size of their neck, providing security without causing any choking, effectively preventing the dog from escaping. Martingale dog collars are used for gentle control.

Collar Size Guide

Our African Print Martingale collars are adjustable in circumference within the range indicated below. 

Size - Neck Circumference - Width

  • XS - 23cm - 30cm - 3cm
  • S - 28cm - 38cm - 3cm
  • M - 38cm - 53cm - 3cm/5cm
  • L - 46cm - 66cm - 5cm 

Sizing For Sighthounds

Please measure the widest part of your dog's neck. 

  • Size XS fits most Italian Greyhounds
  • Size S fits most Whippets
  • Size M fits most Greyhounds
  • Size L fits most Irish Wolfhounds and other large sighthound breeds

Sizing For Other Dog Breeds:

Please measure the widest part of your dog's neck or head to select the size following the above sizing chart. You are welcome to contact us if you are unsure.


  • Heavy-duty Polypropylene Webbing/Heavy Fabric Interfacing
  • D-Rings
  • Metal Tri-glides
  • 100% African Print Cotton

Designer dog collars for fashion-forward UK pups!

Care Instructions

When cleaning your collar or other pet accessories, we recommend a soft hand wash - avoid scrubbing. Lay flat to air dry.

Print Pattern Placement

Due to the nature of the fabric we use, African Prints, the placements of ALL prints vary considerably, and product pictures are only a reference guide of the unique prints.

No two products will ever be the same. It will be a complete waste of fabrics trying to accommodate each customer's requirement. As such, we do NOT offer custom fabric placements.


Please supervise your dogs when wearing pet accessories, especially dog collars. If your pet is at home or left alone, it is advised that collars should NOT be worn.

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